Therapeutic horsemanship is taught by our staff of certified instructors and focuses on horsemanship skills that incorporate educational, recreational, and behavioral skills.

Lessons may be private or group sessions and run for 30 minutes to an hour depending on the participants. Prior to the first lesson an Orientation meeting may be scheduled with an instructor at the Center for an evaluation in preparation for setting up a lesson schedule.

Payment is expected at the start of a session. If an agency is paying for your lessons, that should be indicated on your application and appropriate arrangements or details shared at that time.

Lessons run for 30 minutes to an hour depending on the participants.

They can be either depending on the program and rider. Specific requests should be made during our application process. We also work to group riders together that will complement each other in achieving their goals.

Depending on a participant’s needs and with respect to their safety and for the safety of our staff, volunteers and horses, participants may be scheduled for either private or group lessons, or may be offered a spot in our un-mounted program. An appropriate opening is defined as one where the needs of the rider will be safely and effectively met. Variables include the availability of staff, appropriate horse, volunteer assistants, and the rider’s individual time constraints.

YES. All riders submit a fully completed application packet 1 week before being considered for scheduling.

Yes, if requested, all riders meet with an instructor at a rider orientation session before the lesson schedule is confirmed.

YES! If you or a rider you’re helping to enroll uses adaptive equipment, please let us know, and we can discuss whether bringing it is appropriate. We strongly encourage bringing communication devices for non-verbal riders so that we can honor their choices and voice during each lesson.

• Closed toe shoes with a heel.
• Approved helmet (provided on site)
• Shirt and jacket if weather is cool
• Pants or leggings NO shorts
• Bring sunglasses if you’d like. We also have some on site as needed.
• We encourage application of sunscreen and bug spray before the start of a lesson.

Yes! We want to provide services to everyone who can benefit from our program. If you are a student at a local school, please let us know, we may have a program with your school already. If not, please contact us regarding grant programs, and please see our financial aid application for more information.

We work with you to accommodate lesson days/times that work best for you and the center. We serve as many riders as we can safely and effectively accommodate. Those that we cannot accommodate will be placed on our wait list and will be scheduled as soon as there is an appropriate opening. Staff is happy to discuss options with the riders and/or their families but reserve the right to make the final decision regarding scheduling and placement.


Health & Safety Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to help us create and maintain a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

Reinbow Riding Center takes precautions to keep all participants healthy and safe. In that respect we would appreciate everyone, riders and accompanying adults, to also take normal precautions to help us accomplish this. Please make note of and call the above number to cancel your rider’s lesson if they exhibit any of the following symptoms or symptoms of any other illnesses.

• Complaints of not feeling well
• Has a fever
• Persistent cough or wheezing
• Recent nausea or vomiting
• Or has been exposed to someone with Covid or has tested positive for Covid within the past week.

Ready To participate?

For additional information and participant paperwork click on 2022 rider registration paperwork below.