Why Therapeutic Horsemanship?

Therapeutic horseback riding is the use of horses, mounted or unmounted, and equine-assisted activities to help participants of all ages achieve goals that enhance physical, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral and educations skills for people who are experience challenges. 

We serve those with developmental delays, those who are recovering from illnesses and for individuals or groups who are dealing with significant life stressors. No prior horse experience is needed! Our center offers both individual and group lessons for riders of almost any age, each lasting an hour.

Reinbow Riding Center serves as many riders as we can safely and effectively accommodate. Those that we cannot accommodate will be placed on our wait list and will be scheduled as soon as there is an appropriate opening. Staff is happy to discuss options with the riders and/or their families, but reserve the right to make the final decision regarding scheduling and placement.

What is a typical lesson?

Rider Greeting

Each lesson begins with the rider greeting, then grooming and tacking-up the horse. In early lessons, the rider will initially lead the horse around the riding ring to allow them both to become more comfortable with each.

Mounted Lessons

Once the ride and instructor are ready, the rider may progress to mounted lessons. At this point the rider learns how to communicate with the horse using their voice, body and equipment. In order to encourage this communication the rider and their horse participate in activities such as weaving in and around obstacles, walking over poles, approaching various checkpoints, retrieving items, and other physical and cognitive challenges that allow the horse and rider to continue to grow their partnership.

Group Lessons

Group lessons often entail activities that require all members of the group to work together. Eventually, a rider can progress to riding outside the ring on the trails in the woods, including the sensory trail. 

Ready To participate?

For additional information and participant paperwork click on 2022 rider registration paperwork below.